New and Micro Business owners

We recognise that the initial life of any new business is critical, with the majority of start up failures occurring within the first year. Most business owners are passionate about the operational side of their business, however, they can lack the knowledge or skills for bookkeeping and managing their financials. Being on top of your accounts demonstrates your financial position to banks, investors and other lending institutions.

It is critical that new businesses set up their accounting systems correctly from the outset in order to avoid the stress associated with poor systems.We can help with an initial obligation free consultation and suggest suitable solutions. To make this easier for our valued clients, we provide ongoing support to assure your books are looked after.

Setting up a bookkeeping system: We make sure your systems for paying bills, receiving income, banking, and wages are all set up correctly. We can also help you determine which software and add-ons are right for your business situation.       

Setting up a bookkeeping system

Training: If you choose to manage your own books, we can provide training, which would be tailored to your business. We can also produce procedures manuals and checklists for various bookkeeping functions.


Regular review: So that you are assured that your work is correct we can provide support by providing regular reviews and corrective action where required.  This can be done monthly or bi-monthly or quarterly as per your requirements. 

Regular review

Management reports/meetings: We can help produce management reports that are specific to your business goals.This will help you see your financial story.

Management reports/meetings

Tax returns: At the end of the financial year, we can lodge your tax return in conjunction with our Tax Accountant partners.

Tax returns

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