DSV Australia

When Anne Wright from DSV Australia decided that it was time to change to cloud-based job and project management software it was decided to integrate a cloud accounting software at the same time. Anne and DSV engaged Neha and Sum and Substance Bookkeeping and Accounting Services at the recommendation of their accountant. They had recommended Neha to help with the change over to Xero. 

Neha helped DSV Australia change over their accounting from Reckon to Xero. She then trained Anne in how to use the Xero software. The team at Sum and Substance also provide ongoing support and assistance as required. 

Anne and DSV Australia feel that they have embraced Xero with confidence, thanks to the interaction with Neha which has made a big difference to their confidence and enthusiasm towards Xero. 

Neha imparted her knowledge, as Anne describes ‘with a natural level of sociability, which made one feel at ease and with a stress free process’. They found the transition from Reckon to Xero effortless, thanks to working alongside Neha. 

Neha is very passionate about Xero and training people to be confident in using Xero themselves. This is evident in the feedback from her clients, and Anne said ‘her training made you feel comfortable and confident in the functionality of the software’.