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Woodridge Insurance Services Pty Ltd

Tony from Woodridge was using another bookkeeper who was making ‘accounting decisions’ without consulting him. Tony needed someone to look after his books and be responsive when he needed something. someone who could work as a Woodridge partner. Tony does not have any time to be concerned with mastering Xero or other such systems, so…

Creative Text Solutions

Susan contacted Sum and Substance because her free accounting program was closing access at the end of the year for non-US/Canada clients and she wanted something that was a little more efficient. Neha listened to what Susan wanted from an accounting software package and didn’t try to sell the whole support package. She set up…

ENB Holistic Counsellor

Elizabeth started her new business ENB Holistic Counsellor and was not sure where to start when it came to bookkeeping. Elizabeth decided to outsource to an expert so that she could concentrate on other aspects of her amazing business. Elizabeth reached out to us and we responded quickly, which Elizabeth appreciated as she likes efficiency….