Teamwork Makes the Dream Work: A Lesson from Sport to Business

Teamwork, effective communication, and self-discipline are all vital factors for success in both sports and business. Another valuable lesson we can take from sport that can be applied to our business lives that I want to share is that teamwork truly makes the dream work.


Though it’s possible to start a business on your own, having a strong team is essential for bringing those visions to life and scaling those dreams.

Clear Communication

Clear communication with internal stakeholders, such as team members, suppliers, or external stakeholders like customers is crucial to both create and maintain a cohesive working environment. Exceptional communication is the bridge that allows clients and staff to get behind your goals and work with you to achieve them.

Self Discipline

Self-discipline is equally important for both athletes and business owners alike. Reading biographies of successful sportspeople reveals that their routines are similar, waking up early, having a light meal, and going for a morning run. Establishing an early morning routine sets the tone for the day, ensuring you’re focused and you’ve set your intention. This holds true for many business owners as well, including myself.

So let’s recap – strong teamwork, excellent communication, and self-discipline are three essential lessons we can learn from the world of sports. Take a moment to consider how you can implement these lessons to better yourself. Remember, teamwork, communication, and self-discipline are not one-and-done concepts; they require continuous improvement.

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