Have A Stress Free Christmas In Your Business

Christmas can be joyous, but when it comes to money we can all feel the pinch. As business owners there can be even greater issues around money and cashflow. So with only a few weeks to Christmas here are my top tips on preparing your business for a stress free Christmas.

1. Review past years revenue
Some businesses are busier during the Christmas period and some a slower. Review your past years results and estimate your revenue over this period. This will allow you to make decisions in advance about the requirements you need such as staffing. If you are traditionally slower then you need to look at ways to reduce your expenses over this period.

2. Holiday?
Many businesses find that this is the best time to take holidays as many of their clients are also on holidays. We know the challenges of taking a holiday when you run a business. But this might be the only chance you have to take a break and may be the most cost effective time to take a break. 

3. Pre-orders
If you sell a physical product you could reduce your chances of being left with excess stock by asking customers to pre-order now for Christmas. This will also help give you some guaranteed income over this period. If you offer services, talk to your customers now about what their needs might be over the Christmas period. 

4. Have a pre-Christmas clean up
Use this time to clean up and prepare for next year. De-cluttering can be a great way to reduce stress. Start planning for the new year and set some goals for what you want to achieve.

5. Gifts
Order gifts for staff and customers now! This will save you time and money later. Christmas is a great time to send cards or gifts to your valued customers and staff.