Take Your Accounting Systems To The Next Level With These Apps

Cloud accounting software has certainly helped us become more efficient. But now we can take it a step further and bring even more efficiencies with some cool integrated apps. Integrated apps are designed to work in with your existing software and add features that aren’t available within the software itself.

Here are my top picks for integrated apps:

1. Receipt Bank
Used by 6000+ accounting and bookkeeping firms, Receipt Bank extracts the key data from your bills, receipts and invoices and publishes it straight into your accounting software. This saves you time in entering all the data and information yourself into your accounting system. But it also stores your papers in the cloud, so no more shoe boxes of receipts. This makes it more efficient for you, but can also save time and money for your bookkeeper or accountant. Not to mention makes it stress free when it comes to an ATO audit.  Starting at $20 a month we think Receipt Bank is a must have for small businesses. Find more info here

2. Hubdoc
Similar to Receipt Bank, Hubdoc collects all your financial documents and extracts the information that you can then send to your cloud accounting software. You can photograph a receipt or invoice and upload it, but you can also forward it straight from your email because these days a lot of our invoices are emailed to us. You can link your accounts so that the receipts and paperwork are automatically delivered to your accounting software. Priced at $27.50 per month and you can find more info here 

3. Workflow Max
Workflow Max integrates your accounting with your workflow. You can create quotes in Workflow Max, and then follow the project through time tracking, job management, invoicing and then insights and reporting. This sort of program is great for those that bill hours or have staff billing hours on a project. It can ensure that you are capturing the true cost of the project to you and therefore ensuring that your invoicing matches the costs. Perfect for creative agencies, IT services, building and construction, engineers and surveyors, architects and consultants. It integrates with a number of software solutions so you may find that it will integrate with other tools you are using, not just your accounting. Starting at $27.50 per month for one user. Find more on Workflow Max here

4. Stripe
Stripe has revolutionised credit card payments. Previously you needed to have a merchant number. Now you can set up a Stripe account easily and for free. You can integrate your Stripe account with other software that you use so that you can automate your payments. Whether you have an online business or a traditional business accepting credit card payments can often mean you get paid faster and easier. There is a small service fee for the payment that is roughly 1.75%. Overall a small price to pay to ensure that you are paid. We see with our clients that the more options you give your customers to pay, the more quickly you will be paid. You can find more info about Stripe here

If you are wanting help integrating some of these tools with your accounting contact us.