Managing Expense Claims

What are expense claims? If you are a business owner with staff members who spend their personal money for something business related and they want you to reimburse it or if you don’t have a staff but you are under a company structure where your identity is completely different to the business and you purchase business related items with your personal money then you want to ensure you keep tabs on this to be reimbursed from the business.

What are the ideal methods of doing running an expense claim? Manually & Automated.

Manual Expense claims – This method may be ideal for those that aren’t the most tech savvy or for those businesses with only one or two employees who find they can comfortably manage their paper
receipts and claim forms. If you’re running a micro business with only a few expenses to process then you may find an automated system is too much for your business needs.

Automated – For those of us who aren’t quite as organised, saving all of our paper receipts might feel like a time consuming and daunting task. Luckily there are a few excellent systems available which allow you to submit expenses digitally. Having these automated systems set up is so important for increasing workplace efficiencies and keeping accurate records of expenses.

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