Trouble with Xero?

What can I say? I am passionate about Xero! For me Xero makes accounting accessible and straight forward for business owners that don’t have much experience with bookkeeping. It is simple to use and gives you all the up to date reporting that you need. It also means that you can do all of your invoicing, reconciliation, payroll and super from the one system. As an accountant it allows me to assist my clients in a more timely and therefore cost effective way.

While Xero is user friendly, it is easy to get a bit lost from time to time. While we offer a range of services including managing your accounting for you and virtual CFO services we also service many clients who have simple accounting needs and are happy to self navigate through Xero.

However, what we find is that sometimes Xero can be deceptive in its simplicities. It does require to be set up correctly in the first place such as payroll items, invoicing items and your payment gateway correctly. You can also get stuck on a few things along the way, for instance, the difference between BAS excluded items and GST free items. Both seem like the same thing – an expense that doesn’t include GST, but they have vastly different outcomes on your accounting.

For this reason we have created our very popular Xero phone support. Here you can book affordable half an hour appointments ($60+GST) where we can login remotely into your Xero account and talk you through how to do elements of Xero that you may be stuck on. This is perfect for the small business owner that is happy to do most of his own books but wants to get a professional opinion or a few questions answered.

If you need some questions answered or something double checked then you can book our Xero phone support here.